A GO Train Employee Saved A Passenger Who Was Having A Heart Attack While On Transit

One GO train employee did not skip a beat when she heard of one passenger on the train who was likely having a heart attack.

According to a Metrolinx blog post, this act of bravery happened back in October as a Lakeshore West train just left Union Station.

Keri Merrimen, a GO train customer service ambassador, had heard the emergency alarm sound off after she closed the doors for the train to embark on its journey. A man somewhere in his 50s was having a potential heart attack just a few coach cars away from her.

Witnesses on the train that day had reportedly seen the passenger grabbing onto his chest, stumbling around the car before falling down to the floor.

"So a few weeks ago when a GO train passenger had the unlucky experience of having a potentially fatal heart attack, he was in the right place - in spite of being in the middle of no where. A nurse & doctor were on board & came to his aid quickly administering lifesaving help," Anne Marie Aikins, the head spokesperson for Metrolinx, tweeted in response to the event.

The nurse on board told Metrolinx that she and a doctor, who was also a passenger, initially performed CPR on the man.

"If you've been on a train before you may be familiar with the crew announcing 'Code 1033' along with the coach - that means there is an emergency situation on board. If you have medical or emergency training you know what it means & you attend to the coach to help," Aikins tweeted.

Merrimen had run down four cars with an automated external defibrillator on hand and after ensuring the man had suffered no head injuries, she hooked up the AED and went on with the first shock. The GO train crew member told Metrolinx that saving the man's life was a team effort.

This is reportedly not the first time Merrimen had to deal with a heart attack on board, but that last time she wasn't as lucky.

"It was extremely emotional," Merrimen told Metrolinx. "We applied the defibrillator and performed CPR on him until EMS arrived – but he never regained consciousness."

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