Here Is When Cherry Blossoms In High Park Could Bloom This Year, According To An Expert

It's almost time!

Ontario Editor
High Park during cherry blossom season.

High Park during cherry blossom season.

Spring is in full swing, and the only thing that's still missing is those beautiful pink blooms. Cherry blossoms are about to appear in High Park, and one expert reveals when you can finally see them.

Steven Joniak is a Toronto sakura expert who has run a website for 10 years that tracks the blossoms in the city. On Tuesday, he revealed that residents will likely be able to see the flowers by the end of this month.

"Based on this initial visit and comparison to previous years, my early prediction will be to see the peak bloom occur during the end of April," he said.

However, Joniak also states that the exact date largely depends on what kind of weather the city sees in the upcoming weeks.

"Overall, the trees look healthy and showcase a host of well-rounded buds with green tips poking through. This is very similar to what we saw last early April, and if these trends continue, this is an excellent indicator that the peak bloom will likely occur around the same time as 2021."

Last month, the City of Toronto announced that it would be opening High Park to allow visitors to explore the cherry blossoms in person for the first time since 2019.

The City will not deter crowds away from the trees, but during peak blossom, vehicle access and parking will be restricted in "the interest of public safety."

However, High Park isn't the only place you can see these pink blooms. There are multiple locations around the city where you can catch a glimpse of colour this spring.

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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