Calling all coffee lovers! One Ontario casting call is looking for real-life people who are obsessed with hot espresso-based beverages.

Groundglass Casting is seeking energetic and outgoing individuals who live in the GTA to appear in an upcoming commercial.

The project, which is scheduled to shoot between June 28 and 30, requires no acting experience and is aiming to hire real people who are willing to showcase their love of quality caffeine.

Anyone 20 to 75 years old can apply, so long as they submit themselves before the cut-off date which is June 16.

If selected, you will be paid $75.00 for a wardrobe appointment, $75.00 for a COVID test appointment, and $750.00 for one day of filming. If your footage is used in the final commercial, you will receive an additional $1,500.00

Project Espresso Drinkers

Salary: Up to $2,250

Company: Groundglass Casting

Who Should Apply: A chance for coffee lovers to make a great paycheque doing what they love.

Apply Here