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Ontario Gas Prices Shot Back Up Yesterday & Here's Where The Cheapest Spots Will Be

Some folks will have it cheaper than others.

Toronto Staff Writer
Shell gas station

Shell gas station

At the top of the weekend, Ontario gas prices dropped to the lowest they've been since winter but, sadly, the relief was short-lived.

Dan McTeague, gas analyst and president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, confirmed with Narcity that drivers who waited until Sunday to fill up their tanks ended up paying 7 cents more than those who capitalized on Saturday's 159.9 cents per litre.

The increase caused cities like Toronto, Niagara, Windsor, and Ottawa to shoot back up to 166.9 cents per litre, leaving only a few scattered areas to offer less.

Gas Wizard's latest report reveals that Peterborough and Thunder Bay will offer the lowest prices this Monday and Tuesday, with the cities offering 164.6 and 164.9 cents per litre, respectively.

As usual, the most groan-worthy prices will be reserved for Sudbury, which, if all goes according to plan, will have its residents paying a dismal 178.6 cents per litre two days in a row.

Summer has been an undeniably tough season for vehicle owners, thanks to this year's unusually high energy markets. The aftermath of which has forced motorists to pay $2 a litre at points.

Thankfully, the government's recent gas tax cut has been helping calm things down, offering hope to anyone who has been forced to break out a sweat taking the shoelace express.

The lesson in all of this? Jump at cheap gas prices while you can, especially when they're the lowest they've been since February because you never know what tomorrow may bring. Don't roll the dice, folks.

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