Snoop Dog Gave Ryan Reynolds Some Competition & Both Of Them Want To Buy The Ottawa Senators

"Not something I thought we’d ever see in our lifetime."

​Snoop Dogg. Right: Ryan Reynolds.
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Snoop Dogg. Right: Ryan Reynolds.

Move over Ryan Reynolds : there’s a new contender in town to buy the Ottawa Senators .

Rapper Snoop Dogg has thrown his hat in the ring, announcing his interest in becoming part of the ownership team for the NHL franchise in a recent Instagram post .

The team has been up for sale since November 2022, and with the deadline for the final bids fast approaching, the competition is heating up.

League sources claim that Ryan Reynolds is spearheading the Remington Group based in Markham, which is willing to submit a bid of "over $1 billion" USD to purchase the Ottawa Senators and its arena, the Ottawa Sun reports.

According to The Sun, there is a deadline of May 15 for final bids on the Ottawa Senators. The outlet also revealed that Reynolds and his group have been "aggressively" pursuing the purchase of the team and are eager to close the deal "as soon as possible."

Snoop Dogg has teamed up with Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Neko Sparks to make a bid for the Ottawa Senators, The Athletic reports.

Sparks and his group are reportedly unfazed by the possibility of the NHL franchise being sold for over US$1 billion, and Snoop Dogg is said to be "part of the consortium of owners."

Sparks has set his sights on creating the most diverse ownership group in NHL history, The Athletic reports, and this is evident in the makeup of the consortium, which reportedly includes a majority of people of colour.

Reynolds first hinted at his interest in buying the team via a cheeky Twitter reply and later discussed it on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

With two celebrities now in the running to own the Ottawa Senators, the stakes have been raised.

Many people on Twitter are surprised by the developments.

"Snoop Dogg vs. Ryan Reynolds in a battle to own the Ottawa Senators is not something I thought we’d ever see in our lifetime, but here we are," one person wrote .

"Snoop Dogg hanging out in Ottawa to watch Senators hockey is not what I had on my bingo card," another person commented .

Who will emerge victorious? Only time will tell, so stay tuned for updates as the competition heats up.

Rhythm Sachdeva
Associate Editor
Rhythm Sachdeva was an Associate Editor for Narcity Media Group based in Toronto.