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Ottawa's most iconic car has hundreds of trinkets on it. It's so distinct, decked out with sports memorabilia, that people across Canada have been able to identify it. But it didn't always look that way.

At first, the car's beginnings were pretty humble.

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This month, there is more to do in Ottawa than stare out at the snow wishing it would melt away. Some days it still feels like winter, but those warmer days are having us dreaming of spring and we're antsy to get out of the house.

Here are eight things to do in Ottawa this weekend that you can also enjoy on future weekends! The only thing left is trying to decide between a live music show, dancing the night away, relaxing at a spa or indulging in maple treats before sugar shacks are closed for the season.

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With the promise of warmer weather and in-person events just around the corner, now's your chance to book a staycation in the nation’s capital and spend some time exploring Ottawa.

Canadians' desire for connection and some semblance of normalcy is at an all-time high, and if you want to cultivate that sense of community and pride, nothing compares to watching a live Ottawa Senators home game.

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A new outdoor skating trail and ice rink just opened in Ottawa's west end, by none other than Ottawa Senator's former right-winger Chris Neil, and some partners.

The Icelynd skating trail is about two kilometres long winding through a forest of pines. There is also an outdoor rink complete with sideboards that is available to rent.

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Winter may be coming, but at least this winter will have a new spot where you can attempt to enjoy the chills of the season. 

A new public ice rink is coming to Ontario in one of the country's most notable locations - Parliament Hill. This new project is one of the many initiatives taken by Heritage Canada this past year to commemorate Canada's sesquicentennial anniversary, known to most as Canada 150. 

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