The CN Tower Actually Has Multiple Doppelgangers Around The World (PHOTOS)

We aren't the only one with a super tall needle.
The CN Tower Has A Bunch Doppelgangers & They Are Located All Around The World (PHOTOS)

It's hard to imagine Toronto without immediately picturing the CN tower.

However, despite its importance to the city its design isn't exactly groundbreaking.

In fact, similar structures, like our beloved tower, can be found all over the world. 

Doppelgangers can be spotted in America, Germany and even at home in Canada. 

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The Space Needle

Look familiar? This iconic Seattle monument was built in 1962, which makes it over a decade older than the CN tower.

The Liaoning Broadcast And Television Tower

This tower located in China opened in 1983. With the CN Tower being built years before, is it possible the country liked ours so much they made their own?

The Calgary Tower

While this tower in Calgary is slightly more colourful than ours in the 6ix, the resemblance is still there.

The Skylon Tower

This pointy looking thing is located just two hours away from Toronto. Do we really need two of them so close together? 

The Colonius Tower

While this photo may look like it was taken in Toronto, don't be fooled. This lovely structure is actually in Germany.

The Olympiaturm Tower

Opening back in 1968, this is also another tower located in Germany.

Patrick John Gilson
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