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Colourful 'Painted Ladies' homes of Ontario near Grimsby Beach.

Colourful 'Painted Ladies' homes of Ontario near Grimsby Beach.

If you love a good beach destination with a sight besides sandy shores and blue waters, Ontario has a beach town of colourful homes that look like dollhouses.

Move over San Francisco, the cottage homes at Grimsby Beach are putting your painted ladies to shame.

You can wander through quiet residential streets, admiring these beautiful homes that look like they’re from a fairytale. Whether they remind you of gingerbread homes or your favourite storybook tale (Hansel and Gretel anyone?) this unique subdivision is worthy of a visit.

This small town beach is a historic area and many of the homes predate 1945 with some from the 1870s. Many houses are also considered heritage homes and therefore protected, so they’re not going anywhere.

Lucky for us, and our Instagram accounts, the local residents carry a lot of pride in their homes and maintain them well. From top to bottom the colours are vibrant and poppin’.

Once you’ve admired all of the beautiful homes, you can grab your bathing suit and towel to sunbathe and dip your toes in Lake Ontario.

The Town of Grimsby gives an important reminder that people still live in these homes and as their private property should be respected as such. Please be mindful and don’t walk onto their property.

Grimsby Beach

Price: Free

Address: Lake St., Grimsby, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can walk through a fairytale admiring a community of colourful homes that look like dollhouses. Then you can wander to the lake and enjoy a beach day!


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