A TikToker Revealed A Bunch Of Ontario Hidden Gems & The Comment Section Got Fiery

To gatekeep or not? 🤔.

Toronto Staff Writer
A person walking through the waters at Bathtub Island. Right: The Cheltenham Badlands

A person walking through the waters at Bathtub Island. Right: The Cheltenham Badlands

Do you share your Ontario hidden gems on TikTok? Or do you keep them to yourself because you loathe a crowd?

Sharing secret spots online tends to lead to a backlash. Mainly because not everybody wants company while they're out and about, and boy, do they ever let you know.

But, on the other hand, travel lovers in the province thrive on such reveals and their gratitude knows few bounds.


Ontario has many hidden gems! #ontario #ontariotravel #hiddengems #ontariocanada

A Tiktok video posted by Caroline El Khoury with the caption "places you did not know existed in Ontario" recently stirred up quite the debate on the topic after she shouted out these hidden gems:

  • Bathtub Island
  • Cheltenham Badlands
  • Burchell Lake Ghost Town
  • Potholes Provincial Park
  • Plane Wreckage Of Cessna 205
  • Sulphur Springs

To gatekeep or not to gatekeep, that was the question — shockingly, people couldn't seem to find much middle ground.

"Let's keep Bathtub island a secret, please," wrote one user, to which Caroline replied, "Absolutely not, I do not gatekeep places!"

Others protested that some of the areas listed, such as Bathtub Island and Cheltenham Badlands, have already been shut down due to overcrowding:

  • "I swear badland was closed because ppl kept walking on them!"
  • "You can't go to the badlands anymore cuz the public started to ruin it so now no one can go to it. I mean you can drive past it still but that's it."

Of course, hidden within the outrage were plenty of wholesome comments from folks who were just happy to be shown cool spots:

  • "I grew up just a few miles from Sulphur Springs very cool you added to your list thank you."
  • "I haven't heard of most of these places. Very cool!'

Overall, it seems the internet is still divided on whether sharing is caring when it comes to hidden Ontario treasures, but regardless, these spots definitely look like they are worth the visit!

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.