The New Toronto Raptors Look Like They're Having The Most Fun & We Want In (VIDEOS)

So, when can we run 2K?

Toronto Associate Editor
Toronto Raptors New Recruits Are Already Having So Much Fun (VIDEOS)

Has anyone else been constantly refreshing the Toronto Raptors' social media pages lately? The Raps have drafted several new players to their team for the upcoming season, and it already looks like they're having a total blast.

Lately, the NBA team has been dropping video clips to its Instagram and Twitter feeds that make it feel like you're watching the Raptors in their own reality show and tagging along with them on their fun antics.

"Questions with Freddie G" and "Rookie Days" are some of the series they've dropped so far, and it looks like there could be more installments, as they've given each vid an episode number. Who else wants to debate about whether or not straws have one or two holes? Anyone else wondering if they'll partake in the age-old debate of what makes a sandwich a sandwich?

On top of playing on the courts together in real life, rookies Dalano Banton and David Johnson are also bonding on the virtual courts and running sessions of NBA2K. "From the parking lot," Banton says at one point during the clip, as he reps the Raptors online.

Banton, a GTA native, had a one-on-one tutorial with the team's fourth-overall draft pick Scottie Barnes on the 6ix's iconic slang. The two of them have also started touring around the City, and were spotted with rapper Kardinal Offishall at popular Caribbean restaurant The Real Jerk.

Even though the city is still reeling over the departure of Kyle Lowry, aka the greatest Raptor of all time, the vibes are already high among the team and hopefully, this will bring about an incredible 2021-2022 season.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor
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