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Masai Ujiri Dished About The Raptors Today & Got Real About Ibaka's Exit

"Serge got comfortable doing something else," he said.

The president of The Toronto Raptors just got candid about the former championship team, dished about the brand new additions to his squad and about Serge Ibaka's au revoir.  

In an interview from the team's training camp, Masai Ujiri gave reporters a look into the season and what he hopes for the team.

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Serge got comfortable doing something else. Masai Ujiri

The newest members of the 6ix family are Aron Baynes and Alex Len, and when asked about what drew him to these selected players, Ujiri said they've been on the team's radar for some time now. 

"We've followed them for a while whether it's a draft or free agency. I've done a lot of work on these guys," he said. 

Ujiri also took some time to answer questions on Ibaka's departure from the team and said that he shared a special bond with the player that led the team to a championship victory.

"We have to look at sometimes a bigger picture with the team ... We tried to get to a certain place but I think at the end Serge got comfortable doing something else," he said.