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Toronto TikToker Says He Got Thousands Of DMs After His 'Boyfriend Application' Went Viral

An eligible bachelor from the 6ix posted his "boyfriend application" on TikTok and he's been getting tons of attention.

On October 8, 31-year-old tech entrepreneur Ricky Liorti posted a video titled "boyfriend application" on his TikTok page. "I saw the [boyfriend application] trend on TikTok and thought it was pretty funny," Liorti told Narcity over email. "I've been single for about a year and a half now and although I've been on dates, nothing really worked out for me long term."

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Liorti said he hasn't had the best luck with dating apps and hasn't had a chance to go out and meet new people: "So I figured, why not jump on the next new dating trend?"

In the video, Liorti mentions things he loves to do, details about his personality, and if we're being honest, a fair number of thirst traps. Lucky for him, it's working; the video has accumulated nearly 2 million views and he has received thousands of messages from eager candidates. Since the upload, he has gained over 15,000 new followers, too.


Doing this Tiktok dating thing again FML. Connect with me :)

"Well, I think I can say I've heard almost every pickup line there is now," he told Narcity over email. "It's just funny when I respond to them and I get the, 'Oh wow, you actually responded,' like people don't realize that I'm just a normal guy who happened to make a TikTok video that got a lot of views. I normally don't get many DMs lol."

Outside of the generic "funny, smart, and beautiful," Liorti said he's actually looking for two particular qualities in a person.

"Someone I can sit in a room with doing absolutely nothing and still have an amazing time. You know, that person who just makes you feel good by just being with them," he said. "[Secondly], someone who can match my energy and help me be a better man/someone who I can help be[come] a better woman."

@yourpalrick | Instagram

"If we date, there is a 100% chance I will make you watch all the Harry Potter movies and every Game of Thrones episode from start to finish," he told Narcity. "Also, my guilty pleasure is Doctor Pimple Popper, and if you squeeze your toothpaste from the middle instead of the bottom, there is a 0% chance we can be together lol."

We asked Liorti if there was something he forgot to add to his video and regretted it.

"My height!" he said. "Didn't realize this, but according to the comments, it's a big red flag if you don't post your height. People were commenting trying to guess my height based on the depth of the pool [in one of my photos] which gave me a good laugh."

@yourpalrick | Instagram

The TikToker isn't worried about being judged. "I think it's just important to remind everyone to take chances and not be worried about what other people think. Do I know that I'm 31 and single and some people might look at this TikTok and think it's cringe AF? Of course, I do, but do I care? Not at all." he said.

"I did something I normally wouldn't do and it's helped me connect with and meet so many new people. Take chances and who knows, you might end up meeting some really amazing people!"

Oh, and for anyone wondering, he's 5 foot 11.

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