A Toronto TikToker Was So Thrown Off During A Trip To LA & Says She 'Would Just Not Even Go'

She had major "culture shock."

Amrita Banik, TikToker.
Associate Editor

Amrita Banik, TikToker.

A TikToker flew from Toronto to Los Angeles during March break and experienced all sorts of things on her trip that threw her off.

Amrita Banik, a Toronto TikToker and content creator, posted a video about her experience in Hollywood and said, "the culture shock I felt there is insane."

"Everything in LA is super expensive. Like I would just not even go like it was ridiculously expensive for so many like little little things," she added.

Banik told Narcity it took her "a second to get the hang of everything."


im legit still trying to process that entire city because WTF 😂 i was shook at every turn i took there tbh! #triptolosangles #latrip #traveltiktok #traveltolosangeles #cultureshock #traveltok #travelmemories

In the video, Banik said, "I have lived in Toronto my entire life. I've literally grown up here, and the fact that another city, another big city in the US, would throw me off so hard I didn't expect it."

She said that people in LA ran red lights and that yellow meant "speed the f**k up and get through the light and then keep it pushing while it turns red."

Apparently, "valet is a thing everywhere," she said.

In the Airbnb Banik stayed at, she had to pay for valet because no other parking options were available. She also said that there are no in-and-out privileges.

"So that means you cannot go in and out of the garage without paying for valet each time — That is $17 each time you leave," she explained.

To add more expenses onto her plate, the TikToker said, "my breakfast the first day we got there was $80 for just my dad, me, and my sister, and we didn't even get anything fancy."

But what's a trip to Los Angeles without checking out In-N-Out Burger? Well, Banik was initially quite disappointed.

"As a Hindu girl, I did not know In-N-Out was all beef. Guys, there's no chicken, there's no even veggie option," she concluded. "But as a bad Hindu, I went with my sister because we're bad people and we still ate it and it was really good. So I do recommend trying it."

Even though these experiences caused some "culture shock" and maybe a dent in her credit card, they won't stop the TikToker from revisiting LA. Still, she clarified to Nacity that she wouldn't return to Hollywood anytime soon.

Mira Nabulsi
Associate Editor
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