Expedia Is Paying For This Man's Bachelor Party After He Called Them Out On TikTok (VIDEO)

He missed his flight at Pearson Airport over a typo.

​Zack Kennedy at Pearson Airport. Right: Zack Kennedy at home after missed trip.
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Zack Kennedy at Pearson Airport. Right: Zack Kennedy at home after missed trip.

Pearson International Airport is currently experiencing chaos, from flight delays and cancellations to long waits in security lines. But, this Toronto creator had an unfortunate incident happen to him, resulting in a missed bachelor party.

Zack Kennedy posted a video on TikTok that got over 1.6 million views, and he blames Expedia, an online travel agency, for this major inconvenience.

"F**k you, Expedia," he says.

Kennedy told Narcity that he thinks that on Expedia's back end, his "last name and middle name were combined because that's how it appeared on the boarding pass and that no longer matched my passport, which is why I couldn't get through customs and go on the trip."

Ummm, what...?


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"I don't have any actual confirmation that that's true. But I have seen a few different comments on that TikTok that I posted from people alleged to be employees who worked on Expedia's back-end database who have said glitches like this are pretty common," the traveller said.

The soon-to-be groom was at Pearson Airport on Sunday, July 17, when he missed his four-day bachelor party in Las Vegas that was planned months in advance.

Thankfully, the trip didn't go to a complete waste as the bachelor party of seven ended up going anyways, after Kennedy encouraged them to do so.

"I told them to go," he said. "They offered to pitch in for a new flight," but Kennedy said it was too much hassle and time wasted by the time he got on a new flight.

However, the story isn't all bad because a spokesperson from Expedia told Narcity on Monday that "no one should have to miss their own bachelor party, and we have been in touch with Zack to work out the details."

The company "will be rebooking Zack and his friends for a redo bachelor party, courtesy of Expedia."

Expedia is currently investigating what went wrong and hopes to prevent this from happening again.


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Nevertheless, the bachelor said he had never experienced Pearson like that in his life, let alone any experience quite like this.

The content creator said the saddest thing about this experience was disappointing his friends.

Kennedy concludes by giving a little piece of advice, "if you do go through something similar, try to think of ways to direct your energy so that it can actually turn into results and not just berating some poor customer service [agent]."

You might want to consider making a viral TikTok? Just a simple suggestion.

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