A Whitby Mom Gave Birth To Her Third Child On The 407 & Got It All On Video

"I'm having a baby on the 407!"

Photo of Campbell family in their truck
Toronto Associate Editor

Miracles happen, even on the 407. Troy and Erika Campbell from Whitby were driving down the tolled highway to welcome their third child on Monday when they realized their baby girl was already on her way.

The couple managed to capture their wild ride on camera, including the labour — they posted the video on their YouTube channel and it has since gone viral.

mom gave birth to our baby in the car! (real footage)www.youtube.com

"You gotta push? What do you mean you gotta push?" Troy Campbell asked his wife as he drove their Dodge Ram truck westbound on the 407.

The couple quickly pulled over when they realized they wouldn't be making it to the hospital in time. A 911 operator and the Campbells' midwife were both on the phone with the parents and coached the couple through the delivery.

"You're doing a good job, okay, tell her to take deep breaths," one operator said in the video as the Campbells waited for their baby to cry, which she quickly did.

Nova Marie Campbell has been welcomed to the world, already as a true Ontarian.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor