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Officer Michael McLellan.

Officer Michael McLellan.

Hamilton Police Service

Some officers attend a scene to help fight crime, but others dream about being at the right place and the right time to witness a miraculous moment.

Hamilton Police officer Michael McLellan, a former army paramedic who served for about 10 years, lived out one of his proudest moments in the Hamilton Westdale area.

On April 5, at around 1:43 a.m., the officer saw a call that read "in labour, baby not born yet" on the dispatch line.

"I've been to about six or so deliveries, and they've all been delivered just before I got there [...] but I've never been to a delivery delivery," he told Narcity excitingly.

How did it happen?

What's a baby delivery story without a few bumps in the road? Well, when McLellan switched his siren lights on and rushed over to the house, he actually ended up at the wrong address. And as he was about to enter the incorrect home, the GPS dispatcher corrected him, and he ran back to the car and made his way over to the correct one.

Once he got there and ran up the stairs with his medical kit, he saw the mother "on her hands and knees on her bedroom floor with no baby yet."

After a few minutes of officer McLellan calming the mom down and asking the father to help gather supplies such as towels and blankets, the officer heard the ambulance arriving.

And just like that, the mom delivered the baby boy safely into the world with the help of the ex-medic.

"Almost like a cat meow of a cry that came out just like this perfect little squeak," McLellan described the baby's first sounds.

What next?

The mom and dad hadn't chosen the baby's name during the time of delivery, so she went around the room and asked what the officers' and medics' names were.

"We all went around, and it was the weirdest most, like... it was Michael, Luke, John, Paul. Like it was the most biblical names imaginable, and it was just the funniest."

But finally, the baby boy was named Lochlan, and a Hamilton police officer delivered him.

"It was perfect," he said. "The mom was a rock star through this thing."

"I get in my car, and when I'm finally alone, I just let out to one of those like, weeeowww, as I drove away, just absolutely on cloud nine," he added.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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