A Barge Has Crashed Into Vancouver's Seawall As Strong Winds Cause More Power Outages

The chaos continues 🌊

Vancouver Editor
A Barge Has Crashed Into Vancouver’s Seawall As Strong Winds Cause More Power Outages

The relentless B.C. storm picked up wind Monday afternoon, so much so that a massive barge crashed into the seawall.

It looked like a scene from a movie, the barge towering over onlookers with choppy water around it.

People pulled out their phones as the barge on the loose slammed into the wall.

The City of Vancouver closed Burrard Bridge, which was close to where the barge crashed, just in case it kept going on a path of destruction.

The chaos that the rain and wind storm caused over the past couple of days was pretty wild overall.

People around B.C. lost power last night, as BC Hydro warned earlier in the day.

As of Tuesday morning, there are still outages in Central Interior, Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Thompson, and Vancouver Island South.

The outages were caused by fallen trees, heavy wind and rain, flooding, and even snow, according to the BC Hydro website.

A tsunami advisory is in effect for parts of B.C. after a volcano erupted near Tonga.

The underwater volcano in the Pacific Ocean erupted on Saturday, sending large waves crashing across the shores of the South Pacific islands and flooding Tonga's capital city Nuku'alofa.

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Parts of B.C. are expected to get 72 hours of non-stop rain, and there is a risk of flooding.

Around 100 mm of rainfall is expected in the Vancouver area this week, which is used to some soggy weather. This time though there are some other factors at play that could cause havoc, according to The Weather Network.

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The police in Burnaby, B.C. had to pull over 150 drivers in the span of three hours because their cars were covered in snow after the area had been hit by wintry weather.

The Burnaby RCMP said in a press release that all of these people were pulled over on January 6 in a three-hour road safety check, for having their cars covered in snow. The photos they shared in the release show cars piled with snow, creating poor visibility for the driver.

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The amount of snow Vancouver Island is getting right now is wild, and they even had to shut down most of the transit routes because the roads are so bad.

As of Thursday morning, the snow was so heavy that all of the bus routes in the Cowichan Valley area are suspended. Lots of other routes in the Greater Victoria area were also shut down due to the weather.

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