The Barge Stuck On Vancouver's Seawall Now Has Its Own Twitter Account & We're Crying

The unmoored barge that crashed into Sunset Beach is now Vancouver famous and it even has its own Twitter account.

The account was started shortly after the barge crashed into the seawall, due to the extreme weather the province has been facing.

The Canadian Coast Guard told Narcity in an email that they are working with Transport Canada, the City of Vancouver, and Port of Vancouver, to monitor the situation. They confirmed that the barge was carrying woodchips and it is now empty.

The bio of the parody account says, "I will not be controlled. Free-spirited barge."

It's super sassy and full of puns.

It has quite a personality.

After a tugboat failed an attempt to move the barge, it didn't hold back.

It seems like it's on a bit of a power trip.

It definitely has an attitude.

Reading through its tweets is pretty entertaining. It even has a love life.

Even when it disappears, it won't be soon forgotten.

This is one of the many lasting effects of the serious storm B.C. faced this week.

There are ongoing evacuation orders and flooding. One woman has died after a mudslide on Highway 99, and all roads out of Vancouver were closed.

In Abbotsford, people were forced to leave their homes to stay safe, and in many cases, this meant leaving behind their livestock.

The province of B.C. is considering entering into a state of emergency due to the ongoing events resulting from the historic storm.

People Across BC Have Just Been Told To 'Be Prepared To Evacuate' As Another Storm Hits

The warning comes as many residents are finally able to return to their homes.

B.C. is getting hit by more storms again this week, and people are being told to prepare for possible evacuations.

In a press conference on Thursday, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth said that as the storms continue throughout the weekend, people should get their emergency kits ready.

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The City of Abbotsford has been severely impacted by the flooding in B.C., and now it has told its residents in the Sumas Prairie region to not drink or use the water.

At a press conference on Wednesday, the Abbotsford Mayor, Henry Braun, told the public that the new water advisory is due to the "inaccessible water main breaches that are impacting the drinking water system," that came after intense flooding.

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Whistler has finally opened its hill for skiing, but the B.C. government is telling people to avoid any non-essential travel — and we're pretty sure that hitting the slopes is not essential.

In a press conference on Wednesday, a reporter asked Mike Farnworth if there is concern over the fact that Whistler is now open, which may lead to tourists driving down to have some winter fun.

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Flood-hit areas of B.C. are getting no break from the relentless weather as three more storms sweep across the province.

Armel Castellan, a warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment Canada, said that while the amount of rain seen earlier this week was typical for November, we can expect the "parade of storms" to continue with two more atmospheric river events.

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