A City In BC Is Getting Super Sassy With Its Residents & How They Handle Winter Weather

You've been warned.

A City In BC Is Getting Super Sassy With Its Residents & How They Handle Winter Weather

A city in B.C. has a sassy side on social media, and it's become one of the most relatable accounts ever.

The City of Prince George has taken a new approach to connect with its citizens and it's hilarious.

People are loving its teasing tone and relatable attitude — especially when it's calling out the winter weather for being not so enjoyable.

The Facebook page even calls out people who are new to the city, referring to them as "New, but Ordinarily Outstanding Brothers and Sisters (N.O.O.B.S)," in a post.

Apparently, these N.O.O.B.S don't know how to handle the intense winter weather they are getting in this part of B.C., and need some advice.

One person commented on the post, "I don't know who is running the socials here, but I think you need a raise. Keep being awesome. These are great."

The account is direct, to say the least.

Even if you're annoyed about some uncleared roads during the winter, there is no way you can't crack a smile when you read a post like this. After all, snow is not the city's fault!

They have struck the balance of being informative and funny — while still being effective.

Someone else commented on their post, "Whoever runs the social media for the city is amazing. Very direct with just a bit of sass just the way I like it."

Given the snowfall that the province has seen this year, it's not surprising that most of the City of Prince George's posts are addressing the weather.

Might as well have a laugh about it though, while at the same time dreading stepping outside in the cold.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.