Some Of BC's Busiest Highways Just Got Totally Washed Away By Mudslides (PHOTOS)

Images of the highways show extensive damage.

Western Canada Editor
Some Of BC's Busiest Highways Just Got Totally Washed Away By Mudslides (PHOTOS)

Some of B.C.'s busiest highways have suffered substantial damage during the heavy rain and mudslides the province saw over the past 48 hours.

Between 80 and 100 vehicles were trapped between two mudslides on Highway 7 near Agassiz. Search and rescue teams were helping people in the vehicles through Monday with air support.

As investigators continue to assess the damage caused by the storm, emerging images of the highways appear to show extensive damage.

An image posted on Facebook by Matt Steberl shows the Coquihalla Highway just north of Hope. He said the image shows the remains of a section of road by the Carolin Mines exit (exit 195).

Matt Steberl | Facebook

The Ministry of Transportation has also been posting updates to its Twitter page showing substantial damage to Highway 1 near Lytton.

On Vancouver Island, a section of Highway 1 collapsed at Malahat. The highways looked more like a river as drivers attempted to navigate their vehicles through the floodwater.

The city of Merritt is still under an evacuation order from Monday. Residents were told to find safety with family or friends outside of the city.

People who were unable to stay with family or friends were ordered to go to either Kelowna or Kamloops.

This was due to the Coldwater River breaching its banks, causing widespread flooding, which contributed to the failure of the city's water treatment plant. Shortly before the evacuation order was announced, residents had been told to stop drinking water immediately.

Daniel Milligan
Western Canada Editor
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