BC Lotto Winner Says One Email Made Him A Millionaire & He's Got Big Plans For His Family

"Our first reaction was, ‘That is too many zeros!'"

Lotto winner Greg Gauthier.

Lotto winner Greg Gauthier.

A lotto winner in B.C. was scrolling through his inbox one morning and opened up a life-changing email.

The lucky winner, named Greg Gauthier, scored $1 million in the May 7, 2022, Lotto 6/49 draw — and is using his new riches in the sweetest way.

Gauthier and his wife actually scroll through their email together every morning, according to BCLC, but were shocked by one very special message.

The Kamloops couple was super excited when they saw the email telling them that they had won, and were also surprised.

“Our first reaction was, ‘That is too many zeros!’” Gauthier said.

The first call the couple made after discovering that they were millionaires was to their children, who were also thrilled about the news.

Gauthier is actually planning to use the winnings to help out his loved ones.

“My biggest feeling was that I can now look into the future and put my kids and grandson in a great place. I’m able to make life easier for my family and I really enjoy helping out," he said.

To make it even more heartwarming, Gauthier is planning to celebrate becoming a lottery winner by having "a nice family dinner," he said.

That's not all the winner has in store for his money though. He also wants to head to the East Coast for a trip, and maybe even a vacation somewhere warm.

Gauthier scored his $1 million by buying his ticket on PlayNow.com but is also a part of a group at work who plays the lottery together. This win goes all to Gauthier though — and his family.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.