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BC Lotto Winner Just Scored $2M & Actually Thought The Machine Was Broken At First

He has some big travel plans!

Colin Turick.

Colin Turick.


A lotto winner in B.C. is ready to hit the road after he won $2 million in a BC/49 lottery draw.

The lucky winner, named Colin Turick, is buying "the motorhome of his dreams," with his new money, said a BCLC press release.

Turick lives in Prince George and bought his winning lottery ticket at the North Nechako Foods Store on North Nechako Rd. He didn't even wait to go home before checking his ticket and discovered he won right at the store.

He literally could not even believe his luck at first.

Turick said: "I checked my ticket at the kiosk and thought, 'I must be reading this wrong… the machine is broken… something can't be right!'"

It turns out the machine was working just fine, and Turick was suddenly a multi-millionaire. As soon as he found out the big news, he told his wife — who he said was "in disbelief."

She's not the only one who was surprised about the incredible win. Turick also said that he can't believe it still and that he's in shock.

"This will change my life for sure," he added.

He already has started thinking up ways to spend the money. He said that he is going to use the new motorhome to travel around the U.S. with his wife.

"This win means I'm able to enjoy my retirement," Turick said.

Apparently, luck is in the air in B.C., because someone else in the province won $2 million recently — just days before her birthday!

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