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The Biggest Dinosaur Event In North America Is Coming To Vancouver & You Can Ride On A T-Rex

Want to hold a moving baby dino?

Western Canada Editor
Person holding a baby dinosaur at Jurassic Quest. Right: T-Rex at Jurassic Quest.

Person holding a baby dinosaur at Jurassic Quest. Right: T-Rex at Jurassic Quest.

You can get transported back millions of years to the Jurassic period this spring, right in Vancouver, B.C.

Jurassic Quest is actually the biggest dinosaur event in North America, so you really can live out your Jurassic Park fantasies there.

You can also ride a T-Rex at the event — without the fear of being eaten.

For the weekend of May 13-15, Jurassic Quest is going to be at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It's a super fun activity for a group of friends or a family — with bounce houses and attractions.

You can even hold a baby dino.

You're never too old for a bounce house, right?

People "can walk through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods to see the dinos that ruled on land," a press release said.

A new exhibit, called the “Ancient Oceans” exhibit, is going to be making its Canadian debut.

Megalodon at Jurassic Quest.Megalodon at Jurassic Quest.Jurassic Quest

"Come face to face with the largest apex predator that ever existed – a moving, life-size, 15-metre-long megalodon," said the release.

The whole event sounds super realistic, with animatronic dinos running around. Some even move and roar, so you can fully experience what they were like when they walked the earth.

They are also incredibly detailed too.

"Jurassic Quest works in collaboration with leading paleontologists to ensure each dinosaur is painstakingly replicated in every detail, from coloration to teeth size, to textured skin or feathers," the release added.

They use the latest research, so they can get everything just right — giving an authentic experience.

You can buy your ticket now, and go back in time.

Jurassic Quest in Vancouver

Price: $27.50 per person

Address: 1055 Canada Pl., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: If you want to mix up your regular weekend routine, this is sure to be a unique experience!


    Morgan Leet
    Western Canada Editor
    Morgan Leet is the Western Canada Editor for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on interprovincial travel, and is based in Vancouver.
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