'Community' Star Joel McHale Shares Wild Canada-US Border Story With Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Crossing the Canadian border wasn't easy. 😳

​Joel McHale and his new friend. Right: Jimmy Kimmel.
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Joel McHale and his new friend. Right: Jimmy Kimmel.

Actor Joel McHale , who you may know as Jeff Winger from the iconic sitcom Community , recently had a wild experience trying to cross the Canadian border.

On an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live , McHale explained that he was trying to get from Vancouver to Seattle for the holidays when a whirlwind of bizarre events started to occur.

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After missing his flight from a late work shift in Vancouver, McHale hailed an Uber to take across the Canada-U.S. border, during a snowstorm.

"It said $220 to get to Seattle and you know in Canadian dollars that's like eight bucks — and uh the guy, as soon as I got in, he was like, 'Yeah, I can't go over the border,'" McHale said.

After confirming the cab driver's reasoning was because of work permits, and not because of criminal charges, McHale decided to take the Uber to the border anyway.

McHale said his driver assured him there would be lots of Ubers on the other side of the border, but that wasn't the case. "It became Fargo, " McHale said.

The recent dump of snow meant barely any border workers and not an Uber in sight. McHale shared some video footage with Kimmel, showing how dead and eerie the entire area truly looked.

Blaine, Washington. Blaine, Washington. Jimmy Kimmel Live

"So I walked into Blaine, Washington with my luggage," McHale said.

"My penis was frozen," he added.

McHale then proceeded to head to a nearby bar called, The Wheelhouse Sports Bar and Grill, where he met a man from Victoria, B.C. named John, that quickly became his new BFF.

Both were trying their best to get to Seattle in the snow and after declining a ride from "a very drunk man", they both decided to take a cab, which could only get them as far as Bellingham.

During this next chapter of events, the two new friends witnessed "a drug deal go down" and "fell in love," according to McHale.

John and Joel McHale. John and Joel McHale. Jimmy Kimmel Live

Although it was a hectic journey, McHale got a new friend out of it and he told Kimmel that the two still text to this day.

"He's a great guy, you would love him," McHale said to Kimmel.

"This is like Planes, Trains and Automobiles," Kimmel replied.

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