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This Hidden Hot Spring In BC Is A Little Paradise & Needs To Be On Your Summer Bucket List

It's the second largest in Canada!

Someone swimming in Liard River Hot Springs, in B.C. Right: Liard River Hot Springs in B.C.

Someone swimming in Liard River Hot Springs, in B.C. Right: Liard River Hot Springs in B.C.

Staff Writer

If you know where to look, you can find some magical hot springs in B.C. to enjoy. This one stands out among the rest because it is deep in nature, so you can totally unwind while there.

Get out your summer bucket list and add a road trip to this hidden hot spring to it ASAP.

This breathtaking natural wonder is actually the second-largest hot spring in Canada, according to the BC Parks website. You'll thus have lots of room to swim around and soak in the natural minerals of the water.

More and more people are discovering this secret location and one person on TikTok even went as far as to say this is "the best hot spring in Canada."


The water was so clear!!

The video showing the super clear and warm hot spring water, with the lush forest around it, would convince anyone to go.

The name of the amazing spot is Liard River Hot Springs, and it's located in Northern B.C..

You can actually enjoy this ultimate relaxing hot spring experience year-round too.

There are man-made steps, a storage area for your things, and seats — so the whole experience will be extremely comfortable and stress-free.

In the winter, don't be surprised if you even get to view the Northern lights while enjoying the warm water.

You truly would get a stunning view while relaxing here.

This hot spring is the best place to unwind and let all your troubles wash away. It's nature's spa.

The scenery at Liard Hot Springs is like no other — you will feel like you're on another planet.

The best part? It's free!

Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park

Price: Free

Address: 75100-81198 Alaska Hwy., Northern Rockies B, BC

Why You Need To Go: You need to add this spot to your summer plans ASAP. The magical hot springs are one of a kind.


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