I Went To The 'Brunch Capital Of Canada' & My Meal Proved Why It Deserves The Title (PHOTOS)

Brunch, anyone?

Western Canada Editor
A meal at Nourish Cafe in Victoria.

A meal at Nourish Cafe in Victoria.

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Brunch. Just writing the word evokes feelings of warmth, comfort and joy.

It's undeniably the best meal of the day — or week, I suppose, since I'm not brunching on a Monday — so when I heard that Victoria, B.C., is known as the brunch capital of Canada, I knew fate was on my side.

I discovered the fun fact after I had already booked a weekend trip to the oceanside city, so was ready to indulge in some delicious brunch options.

The Food Network dubbed the West Coast city Canada's Brunch Capital in 2016 thanks to the sheer number of restaurants serving up the between-breaky-and-lunch meal.

When trying to choose a spot to make a reservation, I found this to be very accurate. It was tough picking a place in the sea of brunch spots — from classics like Jam Café to fancier options like The Courtney Room.

I settled on Nourish Cafe & Bistro, which has a uniquely delicious-sounding menu that emphasizes quality ingredients. The catch? they didn't take reservations.

So, we showed up bright and early Saturday morning — yes, 10:30 a.m. is bright and early for me on a weekend — and were lucky to not have to wait in line. Thanks to our window seat though, I could see the massive line that accumulated by about 11:30 a.m.

Even if we had to wait though, it would have been worth it.

The cozy atmosphere inside made it feel like home, with cool artwork and comfy seating. The restaurant is actually in an old heritage home, making it super charming.

We started with some coffee, ordering a delicious sweet and salty latte — that I now can't stop thinking about.

For food, we shared the Golden Benny and Sleeping Beauty Pancakes. The bacon was perfectly crunchy, and the eggs were super tasty with a turmeric cashew hollandaise sauce.

The pancakes were not your typical flapjack, but rather thick triangles. With the fruit compote on top though, it was just as mouth-watering as a big stack of fluffy pancakes.

Food at Nourish. Food at Nourish. Morgan Leet | Narcity

Both dishes proved that healthy and tasty can actually go together, and overall, it was a super filling and satisfying meal.

I even grabbed one of their cute tote bags from their little shop inside, to take home with me, so I'll never forget my dining experience in the country's brunch capital.

Happy brunching!

Nourish Kitchen & Cafe

Price: 💸💸

Address: 225 Quebec St.,Victoria, BC

Why You Need To Go: Brunch in the brunch capital? Yes, please!


Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
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