Playland At The PNE Is Hiring 200 Jobs & You Can Be In Charge Of The Wooden Rollercoaster

It's a dream summer job!

​A woman in a hoodie at Playland. Right: The wooden rollercoaster at Playland.
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A woman in a hoodie at Playland. Right: The wooden rollercoaster at Playland.

Amusement parks are literally made for fun, so working at one would be a blast.

Playland at the PNE, in Vancouver, B.C., is hiring a ton of jobs right now, and there are some pretty cool positions open.

People all over Vancouver flock to this amusement park in the summer, and it's basically always a good time. Working there you'd be bringing joy to people having some summer fun.

You might even land a job operating the super-scary wooden rollercoaster at the park.

Playland is looking to hire over 200 people, for everything from working with rides, operating the games, and doing customer service to serving up food and beverages.

If you are looking for a new job — there is surely a fit for you here among the jobs listed.

All of these jobs look super exciting and are definitely worth applying for this summer!

Candy/Concessions Attendant

Who Should Apply: Calling all lovers of candy who want to serve wide-eyed kids that giant lollipop — or cotton candy. It sounds like a delicious job!

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Rides Attendant

Who Should Apply: You will get to operate the rides at Playland and make sure anyone enjoying it is having a fun and safe time.

Maybe you could even be in charge of the wooden roller coaster!

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Concessions Cook and Playland BBQ Grill Cook

Who Should Apply: If you are a master chef in the making — this job will be a great starting point. All day long you will get to help feed those hungry park guests and practice your burger flipping skills along the way.

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Games Attendant

Who Should Apply: Ever wanted to hang out and watch people try their hardest to win those giant plushie prizes? This will be the perfect job at which to have fun.

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Guest Experience Attendant

Who Should Apply: If you are a people person and love to resolve issues — this will be a great job for you. You can help organize and guide guests to make sure they have the best Playland experience possible.

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Ashley Harris
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Ashley Harris was a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on restaurants in Vancouver, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.