A Russian Bakery In Vancouver That 'Received Threats' Is Donating Some Profits To Ukraine

"We are trying to be strong."

The outside of the Russian Spoon bakery in Vancouver, B.C.

The outside of the Russian Spoon bakery in Vancouver, B.C.

A Russian bakery in Vancouver, B.C. said they have been receiving threats and phone calls with people swearing due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The business — called the Russian Spoon Bakery — is located in the Harbour Centre food court, and claims to have received verbal threats since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began.

The bakery is run by Natalia Mitrofanova, who told Narcity in an email that they received "bad phone calls with swearing" this week.

Mitrofanova said that people on the phone asked questions like: "Are you closing yet?"

She claims they also made statements on the phone like: "Go to Russia!"

She also said that she could not translate some of the statements made on the phone calls.

"One of these calls was in a very mad Ukrainian language, I couldn't understand it and gave the phone to listen to my Ukrainian employee. She said it was swearing as well," she added.

Mitrofanova told CBC in an interview that she supports Ukraine in the current conflict. Despite this, and that her business serves Ukrainian food as well, they still receive threats because of the name, she said.

They have decided to show their support to Ukraine and they are donating some profits to charities, to help aid refugees caught up in the conflict.

Mitrofanova told CBC that although they have loyal customers at the bakery, she is concerned about the situation escalating. \

She said that although the current situation is "emotionally hard," they are using cooking as a way "to get away from this stress."

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.