Zellers Has Announced Its Food Truck Tour Dates & The Prices Will Take You Back To The 2000s

It's going to be comfort food on wheels. 🤤

A Zellers store. Right: A Zellers Big Z Burger.

A Zellers store. Right: A Zellers Big Z Burger.

Zellers restaurant fans, your day has finally come.

In case you missed it, the Zellers comeback will be taking place very soon and that means the return of one of the most iconic parts of the Zellers experience — the restaurant.

However, instead of a classic brick-and-mortar restaurant, there will be a food truck, with tour dates at different locations.

Well, the tour dates and prices for the Zellers food truck have just been announced, and there's a whole lot to get excited about.

With new Zellers stores opening up in Alberta and Ontario this week, you can catch the food truck at a bunch of different places over the next seven days.

Here's where the food truck will be and when.

  • March 23: Scarborough Town Centre in Scarborough, Rideau Centre in Ottawa, Sunridge Mall in Calgary and the Kingsway Garden Mall in Edmonton.
  • March 24: St. Laurent in Ottawa and White Oaks Mall in London
  • March 25: Erin Mills Town Centre in Mississauga, Cataraqui Town Centre⁣ in Kingston, Cambridge Centre in Cambridge and the Medicine Hat Shopping Mall in Medicine Hat.
  • March 26: Burlington Mall in Burlington and Pen Centre Shopping Plaza in St. Catharines.
And if you're curious about what the food is like, well it's the return of some classic favourites. Earlier this year, the store asked customers to vote on what Zellers dishes should make a comeback, and came up with a menu that is sure to inspire nostalgia.

There are plenty of dinner favourites for you to check out, all with prices that seem to be right out of the 2000s.

You can get the Big Z Burger or the Hot Chicken Sandwich for $6, Chicken Fingers for $7 as well as Fries & Gravy or a Grilled Cheese for $3.

If you want a drink with that, it'll run you $1 and if you're looking for a side of fries with your entrée, that'll run you $2.

This is actually supremely well-priced considering that, according to this picture of an old Zellers menu, the prices back in the day weren't so different, with a Big Z Burger going for $7.49, and poutine going for $4.29!

All meals will be made fresh to order and you can only pay with credit or debit.

So, you can enjoy that classic Zellers food and those low, low prices once again.

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Tristan Wheeler
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