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29 Useful Products On Amazon Canada That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

Reviewers swear by them!

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29 Useful Products On Amazon Canada That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

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My all-time favourite things to shop for on Amazon Canada are products that are actually useful. It's just so satisfying to come across an item that I know will make my day-to-day a little easier.

Even though there is a special place in my heart for aesthetics and fun decorations, I'm truly obsessed with functionality (why yes, I am a Virgo).

From clever storage solutions to kitchen products that'll make cooking a breeze, here are 29 useful products from Amazon Canada that you'll wish you had bought sooner.

Clinging Privacy Window Film

Amazon Canada

Price: $14.99+

Details: If you have a window that faces into your neighbour's house, this window film will give you some extra privacy without sacrificing any precious sunlight. It'll cling on without any adhesive, so it won't leave behind a sticky residue. It's available in five sizes, but you can always cut it for the perfect fit.


Clug Bike Clip Storage Mount

Brittany Barber | Narcity

Price: $32.95

Details: The Clug bicycle storage clip is probably the best indoor bike storage product I've ever come across. You just need to mount one teeny-tiny clip to your wall and voilà! You've got somewhere besides your hallway to stash your bike.


Multi-Plug Outlet Extender With Surge Protection 

Amazon Canada

Price: $23.36 ($34.99)

Details: Safely charge up to nine devices with this multi-plug outlet extender. It won't collect a ton of dust like clunky power bars that are left on the floor and it'll help you make the most out of a single outlet.


Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow Peel Off Tint

Amazon Canada

Price: $8.96 ($11.96)

Details: If you know the struggle of filling in your eyebrows day after day, you might want to try this Maybelline brow tattoo tint. Just paint over your eyebrows, let it dry and then remove it to reveal freshly tinted brows right from home.


OXO Two-Cup Angled Measuring Cup 

Amazon Canada

Price: $9.99

Details: This measuring cup has the measurements written on the outside and inside of the cup, so you can clearly see how much your pouring by simply looking down at it. It will hold up to two cups of whatever ingredient you're cooking with, which you'll love if you're big on baking.


Wrapping Paper Storage Bag With Extra Compartment For Ribbons

Amazon Canada

Price: $18.99

Details: If you're determined to save your leftover gift wrap this holiday season, keep it all neat and tidy with this handy storage tote. It comes with a smaller compartment that'll let you stash your ribbons and bows in, too!


Herb Scissors & Stripping Set  

Amazon Canada

Price: $16.99

Details: This herb-cutting set will help you prepare your fresh herbs and spices quickly and efficiently. It comes with a pair of scissors that has five blades for slicing, a stripping tool to remove herbs like rosemary off the stem, a cleaning tool to properly clean the blades and a case to keep the sheers covered while they're not in use.


Motion Sensor Night Light

Amazon Canada

Price: $16.99

Details: This motion sensor night light will save you from turning on your overheads when you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. It'll automatically shut off after 60 seconds of no activity when in "auto" mode, but will stay on for as long as you'd like on "on" mode.


Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser 

Amazon Canada

Price: $90.02 ($99.99)

Details: According to the reviews, flossing with water seems to be the new preferred method. Shoppers say it's way easier than regular flossing and love how refreshed their teeth feel after using it.


Anti-Fog Wipes For Glasses

Amazon Canada

Price: $16.99

Details: Now that the weather is cooling down in Canada, foggy glasses season is upon us. These anti-fog lens wipes will save you from a steamy pair of specks when you're wearing a face mask or headed indoors from the cold.


Bamboo Kitchen Wall Mount For Paper Towel, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap & Spices

Amazon Canada

Price: $55.20

Details: Free up your kitchen drawers with this mountable storage shelf. It'll hold your paper towel roll, aluminum foil, plastic wrap and a row of spice jars to boot. Reviewers absolutely adore how functional this thing is!


Two-In-One Cool Mist Humidifier & Essential Oil Diffuser 

Amazon Canada

Price: $69.99 ($76.99)

Details: If your home tends to dry out when the temperature drops, try using a humidifier this year. It can help to relieve stuffiness, parched skin and waking up in the morning with a dry mouth. This model doubles as an essential oil diffuser, so you can enjoy a little aromatherapy, too.


MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Amazon Canada

Price: $21.10 ($32.49)

Details: If you have a dog, you know how messy their paws can get after a rainy day. This portable paw cleaner will gently clean your pup's feet with soft silicone bristles. Just add water into the cup, insert your dog's paw and give the cleaner a few twists. It's available in six colours and in small, medium and large sizes.


Multi-Purpose Boot Tray

Amazon Canada

Price: $19.99 ($22.05)

Details: Keep your entry way clean and dry with a simple boot tray. Now that summer's officially over, you'll want to prepare for wet and muddy footware.


Unionup Three-In-One Soap Dispenser, Sponge Holder & Drip Tray 

Amazon Canada

Price: $19.99

Details: This soap dispenser will make it easier for you to wash up, especially when your hands are greasy and you don't want to smear oil all over your soap bottle. It has an additional tray on top that acts as a draining plate, so you can leave your sponge on top of it while it dries.


Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch 

Amazon Canada

Price: $25.29

Details: These acne patches are large, so you can tackle clusters of pimples in one go. Reviewers say using one of these patches is much easier than applying several of the usual small ones most brands sell and love how satisfying it is to peel off after wearing one a few hours. This pack comes with 20 patches.


Energy-Efficient Space Heater

Amazon Canada

Price: $54.99

Details: If your home gets chilly despite having the heat on, you might want to pick up this small space heater. Reviewers say it's tiny but powerful and that it's the perfect size to warm up their bedroom or home office. It's also energy-efficient and super cute!


Umbra Flex Drain Stop & Hair Catcher

Amazon Canada

Price: $8

Details: This Umbra drain stop doubles as a hair catcher, so you can prevent clogging up your drain when you shower.


Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock With Natural Sunrise Simulation 

Amazon Canada

Price: $56.99

Details: If you don't get much light in your bedroom and have trouble waking up, this fancy alarm clock will help you get out of bed by simulating a sunrise. The light will gradually brighten as a nature sound of your choice slowly becomes louder to wake you up gently. It can also simulate a sunset, which can help get you to sleep at night, too.


TofuBud Tofu Press

Amazon Canada

Price: $36.95 ($48.95)

Details: This handy press will squeeze all of the liquid out of your tofu, so you can fry or bake your strips and actually get them as crispy as you like.


Renapur Leather Balsam With Two Application Sponges

Amazon Canada

Price: $25

Details: Get your favourite leather boots, bags and jackets back into shape with this leather-protecting treatment. Reviewers say it'll make your beloved leather products look good as new again, not to mention help to make them waterproof, too. It comes with two sponges you can use for application.


Ugreen Car Phone Holder 

Amazon Canada

Price: $18.99

Details: If you drive around, like, at all, then this mount will help to keep your phone right where it needs to be. Reviewers say it's super helpful when they're using a maps app and love how simply it clips onto their car's air vents.


Double-Sided Metal Shower Rings

Amazon Canada

Price: $9.97 ($14.99)

Details: This set of 12 shower curtains has two hooks, so you can change your shower curtain and shower liner separately. Reviewers say it's a total time saver when they only want to switch one out.


Two-Tier Sliding Cabinet Basket

Amazon Canada

Price: $36.87 ($39.99)

Details: Make the most of your cupboard space with this two-tiered cabinet basket. The two-tiers will allow you to stack things you otherwise wouldn't be able to stack, while the slide-out baskets will help you reach items way in the back.


Command Mop & Broom Holding Mounts

Amazon Canada

Price: $28.04

Details: If you're constantly knocking over your brooms and mops, consider picking up a pair of Command mounts. They'll keep your cleaning cabinet tidy and save you some space.


LED Light Dimming Stickers

Amazon Canada

Price: $7.96 ($10.71)

Details: These LED light-dimming stickers may not be glamorous, but they work! If you can't stand little blooping lights on all of your devices (especially at night when you're trying to get some shut eye), then these babies will help you out. Just place an appropriately-sized sticker over your devices' LED lights for instantly dimmer lights.


Lumbar Support Pillow For Office Desk Chair

Amazon Canada

Price: $44.95

Details: Anyone who works in front of a computer screen knows how uncomfortable sitting for long periods can get. Do your back (and your posture) a favour and invest in a lumbar pillow. Reviewers say it'll help to relieve pain, discomfort and fatigue.


Door Draft Stopper

Amazon Canada

Price: $15.59 ($21.99)

Details: This door stopper will save you from chilly drafts when the temperature drops. It'll also help to soundproof your room, which reviewers say is great if you have noisy kids or roommates.


High-Speed Shipping Label Printer

Amazon Canada

Price: $185 ($198.89)

Details: Whether you have a small business that requires you to ship packages to customers or you do a lot of product returns, this handy label printer will save you from outsourcing every time you need to print. It uses thermal technology, so you'll never have to buy ink or toner. Just make sure to pick up some four by six-inch thermal labels while you're at it.


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