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7 Hilarious Tweets About The Sunwing Party Plane Fiasco That Are So On Point

How long would it take to ride a horse from Mexico to Canada? 😅

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7 Hilarious Tweets About The Sunwing Party Plane Fiasco That Are So On Point

The ongoing drama of the Quebec influencers on the Sunwing party plane has been a true rollercoaster, and it just keeps on getting wilder.

After Sunwing cancelled the return flight of a group that was seen drinking, smoking and partying on their departing flight to Mexico, people took to Twitter to post some sassy takes about the whole thing.

With three airlines initially refusing to fly the group back home to Canada, this user tweeted a visual summary of the situation with multiple cars with flat tires trying to tow one another.

Around the same time, somebody else posted this funny GIF showing a potential way the group could get back to Montreal: hitchhiking.

Another person proposed the influencers try horseback, which would probably make for a very tiring journey!

"Ok, what if the Sunwing travelers stuck in Cancun have to race back to Canada, Amazing Race-style, and the first two people back are granted immunity from prosecution," tweeted one person. "I'd pay to watch that."

Given that some of the passengers could face hefty fines and even jail time if found guilty, quite a few others would probably want to watch that, too!

With quite a bit of the coverage around the situation coming out in French, including some of the responses from the influencers involved, this user shared their frustration that they can't follow all the nitty-gritty details as they come out.

"Me wishing I took French past Grade 9 to keep up with this Sunwing Quebec Influencers mess," they tweeted.

"My Mom just asked me to explain 'this Sunwing flight thing' to her and I can tell about a minute in that she is already filled with regret," tweeted another user. Sorry, mom!

And this hot take is probably prevalent amongst non-Quebecers.

"Most upsetting part about this Sunwing flight is learning that there's a Quebecois version of Love Island," tweeted somebody else.

The organizer of the whole party plane debacle, James William Awad, has spoken out against those who have criticized him.

"Reality of the story, sheeps are mad because people partied on a private chartered plane where partying was allowed. Wake up!!" he tweeted on January 9.

If all of this sounds appealing to you, Awad says his private club is accepting new members as of February — video interview required. Eek.

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