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Another 'Weather Bomb' Could Bring Blizzards To Canada & It Would Be The Third This Month

This is set to be a "high impact event" with 40 centimetres of snow expected! ❄️

Another 'Weather Bomb' Could Bring Blizzards To Canada & It Would Be The Third This Month
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Another weekend, another snowstorm! Yet another "weather bomb" could be on the way for parts of Canada soon and it would be the third one to hit this month.

The Weather Network has forecast that a powerful nor'easter system is threatening to bring major snowfall, the risk of ice, heavy rain and powerful winds this weekend to Atlantic Canada.

The system is set to develop off of the U.S. East Coast on Friday, January 28, and then quickly intensify as it tracks up north that night, which will fulfill the criteria for a "bomb cyclone," aka a "weather bomb."

It will then impact provinces in Atlantic Canada later on Saturday, January 29, and into Sunday, January 30.

According to The Weather Network, there is still uncertainty about the exact storm track, but forecasters are confident that the system will be a "high impact event" for the country's East Coast.

It's most likely that the storm will track near the Bay of Fundy, with the heaviest snowfall in New Brunswick, Western Newfoundland and even eastern parts of Quebec.

Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and most of Newfoundland should get hit with a mix of snow, ice and rain.

For the hardest-hit areas of Atlantic Canada, blizzard-like conditions with close to 40 centimetres of snow are expected.

Strong winds are also forecast to impact the entire region.

Atlantic Canada has already seen two "weather bombs" throughout the month, so this could be the third one to hit the region in just a few weeks.

A weather bomb hit the area on January 7 and 8, bringing with it more than 40 centimetres of snow to some places, strong winds and power outages.

Then, a week later, The Weather Network forecast another weather bomb for January 14 and 15.

With that storm, there was heavy snow, blizzard conditions, ice and strong winds that led to thousands of people losing power!

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