Some Baby Teethers Are Recalled In Canada Because Of Microbial Contamination

The bacteria can affect some children and cause illness.

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Health Canada building sign in Ottawa.

Health Canada building sign in Ottawa.

Baby teethers have been recalled in Canada because of microbial contamination that could cause illness in some children.

Health Canada posted on August 22, 2022, that Water-Filled Teethers and Teether Keys from Tootsie Baby are being taken out of the market for containing a microbial hazard.

The products have been distributed in Canada by CTG Brands Inc. and were made in China by the manufacturer Ningbo Raffini Import & Export.

The water-filled teethers have a hollow circle shape with a square, triangle and circle pattern.

The teether keys have two oversized keys attached to a blue ring.

Both of the teethers are available in red, aqua and blue colours.

According to Health Canada, the recalled products are:

  • Water-Filled Teether Keys — lot numbers 44003/08 and 062823050662
  • Water-Filled Teethers — lot numbers 44003/06 and 062823050648

Tootsie Baby Water-Filled Teethers that have been recalled.Tootsie Baby Water-Filled Teethers that have been recalled.Health Canada

Under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, the fillings of teethers can't contain any living microorganisms.

Health Canada found that the liquid filling of these products is contaminated with Bacillus cereus, Candida parapsilosis and Omithinibacillus californiensis.

While those don't typically cause illness in healthy people, the bacteria can affect children who have weakened immune systems.

It can cause stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea if the teether is punctured and the liquid is ingested.

Tootsie Baby Water-Filled Teether Keys that have been recalled.Tootsie Baby Water-Filled Teether Keys that have been recalled.Health Canada

Canadians are being told to "immediately stop using the recalled teethers" and then dispose of the products.

Almost 10,000 units of the recalled products were sold in Canada between March 2022 and August 2022.

The company has received no reports of incidents or injuries in Canada as of August 11, 2022.

Recently, there have been other recalls in Canada that have taken products off shelves including ones for pain medication and certain food items like meat, cheese and pancake mix.

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