The Alberta Weather Forecast Is Calling For Summer Temperatures & Snow This Week

It's supposed to be fall though?

Sun in Alberta. Right: Snow in Calgary.

Sun in Alberta. Right: Snow in Calgary.

Albertans might want to dig out their winter gear ahead of the weekend, as the latest Alberta weather forecast is calling for a pretty severe drop from summer weather to snow.

According to the Alberta weather forecast from The Weather Network, the province will probably be saying goodbye to the last of its summer temperatures on Wednesday, when it's expected to reach highs of 23 degrees in Calgary and 20 degrees in Edmonton with plenty of sun.

October might have gotten off to a pretty toasty start, but it looks like Alberta is about to drop into fall temperatures pretty quickly, with highs of 12 degrees on Thursday before getting even colder on Friday.

Cold temperatures aren't the worst of it either, as TWN is also forecasting snow over the weekend too.

Calgarians will definitely need to bring a coat if they're heading out on Saturday, as temperatures are expected to drop to a chilly three degrees with the chance of "mixed precipitation" with showers and snow.

Edmonton fairs a little bit better with highs of seven degrees with no snow forecast.

While the temperatures remain on the cooler side for the following days, both cities are expected to see more snow on Tuesday, so it might finally be time to say so long to summer weather.

Alberta's fall forecast was calling for a pretty windy few months ahead but pretty normal temperatures, but Albertans should brace themselves for a pretty rough winter with "tons of snow" with "record-breaking cold temperatures."

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Charlie Hart
Charlie Hart is a Creator for Narcity Media focused on Alberta news and is based in Calgary, Alberta.