Alberta Weather Forecast Calls For A Ton Of Snow & Winter-Like Temperatures

It could be close to minus 30 in some places. 🥶

A Calgary street in snow.

A Calgary street in snow.

Alberta is certainly going through it when it comes to the weather at the moment. Freezing temperatures and snow are sticking around for even longer as the province "free falls into deep winter-like weather."

After a chilly weekend, temperatures are about to get worse before they get better and parts of the province will see up to 25 centimetres of snow today too.

According to The Weather Network, temperatures will be dropping into minus 20s territory and could even reach closer to minus 30 degrees in some parts of Alberta.

Kelly Sonnenburg, a meteorologist at TWN, said the temperatures in Alberta this week are even colder than the temperatures seen in the province in a typical January.

"Daytime highs will be sitting approximately 10 degrees colder than the normal daytime highs of early January," Sonnenburg added.

The forecast said a weather system developing over Montana could bring snow to southern Alberta. It is combined with Arctic high pressure that's forcing its way south, bringing freezing cold temperatures and "frigid wind chills."

"After extended summer-like temperatures started the fall season in Alberta, a flip of the switch has put the province into a free fall into deep winter-like weather," Sonnenburg adds.

In snowfall warnings, Environment Canada said regions including Brooks, Cardston, Cypress Hills Provincial Park, Hanna, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, will be seeing some pretty snowy conditions with up to 25 centimetres of snow.

The warning said that blowing snow is also likely to make travelling difficult, especially during rush hour and Albertans should be prepared for conditions to quickly change and deteriorate.

"Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become difficult to navigate due to accumulating snow," it said.

Drivers were also urged to take regular breaks and to avoid strain when clearing snow.

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Charlie Hart
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