8 Things You Need To Know For August 2

Including the latest in the Will Smith-Chris Rock saga!

​Will Smith apologizes for slapping Chris Rock. Right: A Tim Hortons.
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Will Smith apologizes for slapping Chris Rock. Right: A Tim Hortons.

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Off The Top: Welcome back, long weekenders. I'd be remiss if I didn't note that yesterday was Emancipation Day in Canada, marking the day in 1834 that the Slavery Abolition Act came into effect in the British Empire — including, of course, Canada.

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In Case You Missed It

1. Here's Why The Bank Of Canada Raised Interest Rates

What's the deal with these rising interest rates anyway? How does making it more expensive to borrow money for big-ticket items like houses and cars achieve the Bank of Canada's goal of getting the country's runaway inflation back under control? Well, the central bank broke it down for us, and now Tristan Wheeler helps explain what the BoC's recent moves mean for you.

2. Will Smith Speaks Out But Chris Rock Isn't Ready To Talk

Just when you thought it was safe to stop caring about the Will Smith-Chris Rock saga, the Fresh Prince broke his silence by answering some of the questions he's received since the infamous Oscars slap — like why he didn't apologize during his acceptance speech and the role wife Jada Pinkett Smith played in the moment. You can find the full video (and Josh Elliott's helpful breakdown) here.

  • But Then: Chris Rock appeared to respond indirectly to Smith's latest video during a standup show on Friday, claiming that "everybody is trying to be a f*cking victim," and that "anyone who says words hurt has never been punched in the face." For more on what Rock said about the slap, here's Helena Hanson.
  • My Take: It seems increasingly unlikely that we're ever going to get a Shark Tale-Madagascar crossover movie.

3. Tim Hortons Offers Free Donuts After Possibly Spying On You

Nothing says "apologies for illegally tracking and collecting your personal data" like getting... some cheap Tim Hortons products. The chain's answer to multiple class-action lawsuits alleging the chain tracked customer location even when they weren't even using the Timmies mobile app is to give those affected one free hot beverage and one baked good, Lisa Belmonte reports.

  • Wait, what? The Timmies legal team stresses that the allegations were not proven in court and that the proposed settlement does not constitute an admission of wrongdoing. A hearing will take place early next month to determine whether the settlement is approved.
  • My Take: The whole spying thing is slightly less offensive than the present-day quality of Tim Hortons food products.

What Else You Need To Know Today

Today is Ice Cream Sandwich Day, which begs the question: does an ice cream hot dog qualify as an ice cream sandwich? While you ponder that, check out Narcity's classic list of the best ice cream sandwiches in Toronto.

The TikTokers have apparently discovered that Dollarama isn't just for loading up on heavily discounted Halloween decorations come November. Here are some of the wildest deals they found — including a lot of marked-down makeup products.

Listen up, would-be naturists; there's a lot more to visiting a nude beach for the first time than simply showing up and dropping trou. As recent first-timer Morgan Leet explains it, there are a few big no-nos that absolutely everyone should heed.

Want a job in our nation's capital without winning the next federal election? The City of Ottawa is hiring for a number of positions, including H.R., comms and more, and some of them pay upward of $100,000 from Day 1.

I got this feeling on the summer day that Charli XCX turns 30 today. Aussie Sam Worthington, the star of approximately 17 upcoming Avatar sequels, is 46. The quieter half of Jay and Silent Bob — Kevin Smith — is 52 today. Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker is (somehow) 58. The late, great writer James Baldwin would have been 98 today.

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Andrew Joe Potter was a Features Editor for Narcity Media Group based in Toronto, Ontario.