Morning Brief: Where The Canadian Dollar Goes Further, Costco Stay-Aways & More

9 things you need to know for Thursday, March 9.

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​Türkiye's hot air balloon festival. Right: Shopping cart full of products from Costco.

Türkiye's hot air balloon festival. Right: Shopping cart full of products from Costco.


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Off The Top: In the latest in the never-ending deluge of North Americans battling against tipping culture run amok, a TikToker is receiving blowback after suggesting that newlyweds should tip their wedding vendors. Possibly related: The TikToker herself is a wedding planner.

In other unrelated news, I have determined that it's polite and respectable to tip newsletter writers now.

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Where Are Countries Where The Canadian Dollar Goes Further?

T\u00fcrkiye's hot air balloon festival. Right: A woman watches lions while on safari.

Türkiye's hot air balloon festival. Right: A woman watches lions while on safari.

Marina Bombina | Dreamstime, @africanrise_safaris | Instagram

You've likely experienced the agony of checking your credit card bill after a week of spending in the U.S. — only to discover that the weakness of the Canadian dollar has substantially increased the cost of your trip. Hey, even if you're aware of the currency exchange rates and related fees, the hidden prices of vacationing can still hit you like a ton of bricks.

That's why our Helena Hanson asked the currency experts at Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange to pinpoint a few 2023 vacation destinations where the loonie actually goes a little further than usual. For instance, did you know that it's actually about 9% cheaper to head to Japan right now compared to last spring? Or that Norway trip — already a more expensive destination — can be yours at about an 8% discount? It all depends on how much buying power the Canadian dollar has relative to the local currency. Here's where else Canadians should check out this year.

What Are Items To Avoid Buying At Costco?

Costco location in Canada. Right: Shopping cart full of products from Costco.

Costco location in Canada. Right: Shopping cart full of products from Costco.

Dennizn | Dreamstime, @costco | Instagram

What items should you never buy at Costco? We put the question to our readers, who quickly came up with a great shortlist of products that aren't worth buying at the bulk wholesaler — like fruit and vegetables, seafood and even mattresses. Lisa Belmonte rounds up the results for us.

Why Should Canadians Move To The U.K.?

A Canadian flag. Right: Big Ben in London, U.K.

A Canadian flag. Right: Big Ben in London, U.K.

Andersastphoto | Dreamstime, Artsy | Dreamstime

If Helena Hanson's previous piece on the strength of foreign currencies piqued your interest, maybe it's a good time to consider a more permanent trip abroad. After all, it's currently about 3.3% cheaper for Canadians to visit the U.K. versus this time last year — so maybe it's a good time to seek out a flat across the pond?

Having lived both in Canada and the U.K., Helena thinks there are 10 reasons above all else that Canadians should consider a move abroad, starting with the weather (specifically, milder winters).

  • My Take: Pub culture in the U.K. really is special. There are few places I've been to in Canada that can match the spirit of even the most average neighbourhood watering hole in England.

What Else You Need To Know Today

CPC leader Pierre Poilievre raised eyebrows this week when he posted a photo celebrating his wife Anaida's birthday on Twitter. Readers were quick to spot that Poilievre's left bicep appears oddly beefy, leading some to suggest he might be either on Popeye's spinach-centric diet or using Photoshop. Tristan Wheeler rounded up the facts of this political scandal for the ages.

There's a lot more to Montreal than just poutine and bagels. As a hub for immigration, the Quebec metropolis boasts an incredible array of Middle Eastern cuisine as well. MTL Blog contributor Gabi Sandler broke down eight incredible Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean brunch spots in the city. Check out the full list (and pass the tabouli).

Toronto will see the opening of a giant casino resort complex in the city's north end later this year. Cradled at the intersection of Highways 401 and 427, the Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto will adjoin the existing Woodbine Racetrack and feature a 5,000-person live entertainment venue, a number of restaurants, a 400-room hotel, and yes, casino gaming, Rhythm Sachdeva reports.

Tax season — the annual time when we collectively look at how much we made the previous year and realize, gulp, we're going to have to start making some more dough. Fittingly, that fact clearly isn't lost on the HR department at the Canada Revenue Agency, which is looking to fill a ton of jobs in Ontario. Madeline Forsyth cherry-picked the best postings, including some that start at over $100K per year.

Shad Moss, better known formerly as Lil' Bow Wow, turns 36 years old today. Brawny and bearded hockey strongman Brent Burns is 38. American soccer great Clint Dempsey hits the big 4-0. Hollywood hunk Oscar Isaac is 44. Yankees playoff hero-turned-manager Aaron Boone celebrates the half-century mark. Diminutive Webster star Emmanuel Lewis is 52. Jean-Marc Vallée, the late Canadian director of The Dallas Buyers Club, would've been 60 today. The late chess phenom Bobby Fischer was born 80 years ago today.

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