Canada's Winter Weather Is Coming Back & A Polar Vortex Could Bring -30 C Temperatures Soon

The cold is expected to be "widespread" in Canada. 🥶

​People on a sidewalk in Vancouver while it snows. Right: Person walking on a snow-covered street in Quebec.
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People on a sidewalk in Vancouver while it snows. Right: Person walking on a snow-covered street in Quebec.

If you thought you had seen the last of winter weather in Canada get ready because a polar vortex is on the way and it could bring -30 C temperatures.

The Weather Network shared a forecast on January 19 about a pattern reversal that's set to bring the return of "classic Canadian winter weather" for parts of the country at the end of January and into February.

That means the frigid air that's been locked over Siberia because of a polar vortex will start to shift over the pole and make its way into Canada.

Cold air will start to seep into the country because of an amplified jet stream which will also bring more weather systems across North America and draw colder air even further south across parts of Canada.

The Weather Network revealed that the freezing cold will be "much more widespread" in Canada with temperatures dropping down to -20 C and -30 C in central areas of the country.

Near the beginning of February, eastern parts of Canada could get "shots of cold air" but the core of the cold air will likely lock in over western parts of the country.

David Phillips, the chief meteorologist with Environment Canada, told CTV News that B.C., the Prairies, the Northwest Territories, Yukon and northwestern areas of Ontario are expected to be "colder than normal" in February.

"I think that is a direct result of the diving down southward of the polar vortex," Phillips said.

The polar vortex has "taken an extended vacation in Russia" over the last little while, according to The Weather Network.

Tongulakh, Siberia recorded a temperature of -62.4 C on January 14 which is Earth's coldest temperature in 2023 so far and the coldest temperature on record in Tongulakh!

What is Canada's winter weather forecast?

Canada's winter weather forecast for 2023 put out by the Farmers' Almanac called for Arctic air to bring -40 C temperatures in January and a winter storm to drop up to 60 centimetres of snow in February.

The Weather Network's winter forecast for Canada predicted that there will be a few breaks from the cold in January and February thanks to shots of milder weather.

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