This Costco Already Has Christmas Decorations Out & Can We Chill Already (VIDEO)

It's still only August!

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Costco Christmas Decorations Are Out Already In This TikTok (VIDEO)

If you thought the PSL came out early, take a look at this: a Costco location has Christmas decorations out already for people to purchase.

Near the end of August, TikToker @jeffcooks shared a video that shows holiday products on display at a store and they're stacked up beside a fall wreath display.


🎄🎄#SUPERnovaMY #costco #christmas

The holiday items on display are the snow-covered Disney Animated Christmas Tree which lights up, plays holiday songs, has two spinning platforms and features classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

"It's only August," the TikToker wrote in the video. "But I'm into it."

So, even though it's not even fall yet, that's obviously not stopping Costco and other people from getting ready for winter and the holidays.

Lisa Belmonte
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