7 Hacks I Learned Working At Lululemon & Some Will Save You Serious Money

A yogi's guide to spending wisely.

Sierra Riley holding a Lululemon yoga mat. Right: Lululemon storefront.
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Sierra Riley holding a Lululemon yoga mat. Right: Lululemon storefront.

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I had a seasonal job at Lululemon in Vaughan Mills Mall in Ontario for a couple of years while I was a student — if you're looking for a retail gig in Canada right now, it's honestly a great place to work — and, in that time, I picked up a few money-saving hacks.

The magic of Lululemon products is that you can sweat and look good at the same time (a tricky feat), but that comes at a pretty hefty price.

Here are a few tips from an ex-Lulu employee that might save you some cash down the line.

They host free yoga classes

Keeping up a yoga practice can be expensive AF, but many Lululemon locations will host free classes in-store or in your area. Check out the community board at your nearest Lulu or ask an employee for more information — it's a great way to get to know your neighbours and save some cash while you're at it.

Hold out for the sales

Lulu's "We Made Too Much" sales happen pretty regularly, and you can save so much money by practicing self-restraint until the product you want gets marked down.

If you have a Lululemon outlet store near you, those stores have discounted items at all times, so there's less of a wait.

Use the free hemming service

Lulu offers complimentary hemming — no tags or receipts required. If you bought something online that's a little too long, just bring the clean product to the store and they'll have it back to you at your desired length lickity-split.

You can even freshen up an older piece by getting it cropped, so if you're over that flared yoga pant look, you may be able to turn them into bike shorts for free.

Use a razor to get rid of pilling

If your Lulus are already well acquainted with the dryer, try using a fabric shaver or razor to get rid of the pilling.

Obviously, you'll want to proceed with caution. If you get too heavy-handed, you might end up making a hole. Don't say I didn't warn you.

See if you're eligible to be an ambassador

Lululemn's ambassador program gives community leaders access to development tools and experiences — and free products to test. If you "love to sweat and make a positive impact," visit your local store and see if you can become an ambassador.

Second-hand Lulus are worth something

Lululemon really believes in its products (they claim to test them rigorously and design them carefully) and they should hold up to the test of time when cared for properly. I've seen how long they can last, so it's definitely worth buying second hand instead of at full price.

Apps like Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace have old Lulu products listed for way cheaper than you'll be able to get from the store. Plus, buying used stuff is more environmentally friendly than buying everything new.

If you have old Lulu products, you can even bring them in for credit through their Like New program.

Brush up on the return policy 

If you're following the care instructions closely but the product has a quality issue, bring it into the store. When I worked there (granted, that was almost a decade ago), Lulu gave customers store credit if there was a serious product flaw.

"If our product doesn't perform for you, we'll take it back," the Lulu website said.

So, if your legging seam starts to come undone — it's worth trying to get a brand-new pair for free!

Sierra Riley
Sponsored Content Contributing Writer, Studio
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