After a harsh spring season, Ontario is finally starting to heat up. The Ontario summer forecast just came out and it is going to be a scorcher. The Weather Network predicts an abundance of warm temperatures that will be slightly above seasonal in the southern parts of the province. 

While summer is just around the corner, it's not here just yet. 

The unseasonably cold May this year will lead to a cooler than average June, TWN predicts. 

However, that doesn't mean that the season is going to be ruined. 

July and August are looking hot and dry with extended periods of sun.

In fact, it's going to be so hot that the province will see above-average temperatures for the season and heat waves. 

Yet, that doesn't mean you should forget about your umbrellas this summer. 

There is also the possibility of thunderstorms rolling into Canada from south of the border. That means it could be a mix of sweltering heat with cool periods of wet weather. 

Parts of the province can see numerous thunderstorms throughout the summer months with above-average rainfall. 

The late summer heat will actually give us an extended summer, with hot temperatures going well into September, TWN predicts. 

The beginning bursts of hot weather have already been felt in the province.

Temperatures climbed to the 30s the past couple of weeks, with interchangeably colder periods.

The heat wave is a taste of what July and August have in store, as well as parts of June.

The rest of Canada is also forecasted to have a pleasantly hot and sunny summer season.

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