Products You Should Always Buy At A Dollar Store Rather Than Walmart, According To Shoppers

And the products you should avoid. 👀

A Dollarama store.

A Dollarama store.

With the price of just about everything going up lately due to inflation, many shoppers are turning to Dollarama as a way to save some money on everyday essentials.

Over on Reddit, user Intelligent-Can-552 asked, "What do you always buy at a Dollar Store and never at a local store ie Walmart or Grocery store?"

Users chimed in with their favourite items — and some that are worth the splurge at a bigger box store.

"I was surprised Dollarama carried Live Clean, and so when I saw them selling it, for much cheaper than Amazon and grocery stores, I started buying it from there," someone said of the popular brand of shampoo and conditioner.

"Crunchie bars for 82 cents," said another. "The tiny sensible one-serving bag of Werther's for $1. Household garbage bags, scented and in colours for $1.25."

They also listed Ziploc-type bags, a vegetable peeler, a tiny whisk, envelopes, wet wipes and "Clorox super bleachy spray" as products that are either "cheaper or far easier to find than at a grocery store or Walmart."

Another listed craft supplies, bobby pins, balloons and gift wrap as their usuals from Dollarama, with another saying that Walmart sells gift bags for $5.99, which you can get at Dollarama at two for $1.

"Okay, since no one else has said it I’m just gonna say it... pregnancy tests," wrote another. "Exact same type used in the hospitals. Only $2."

If you're looking for food options, people also shared their favourite bargains.

"Oat milk $2," someone said. "Almost double the price at the grocery store for the exact same shelf stable carton."

"Montpellier sparkling water, it’s $1.00 there and Shoppers charges 2.39 for it (I don’t drink pop or juice, it’s all I drink really)," another shared. "Also, marshmallows — they sell Kraft marshmallows and they taste much fluffier than the no-name ones at Loblaws. And rice cakes - the ones they carry are also better and cheaper than elsewhere."

As for what you shouldn't buy at a dollar store?

"Avoid the toilet brushes," advised one user. "They fall apart mid scrub and then you're fishing components out of the bowl which is never fun."

"Stay away from cheap off brand sharpies and markers," said another. "Sharpie or bust."

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