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Rogers Will Now Be Crediting Customers Affected By The Outage For Five Days Of Service

It's a "first step" to help "earn back" the trust of customers.

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​Rogers store in Ottawa.

Rogers store in Ottawa.

After the recent Rogers outage, the telecommunications company will now be crediting affected customers for five days of service.

On Friday, July 8, people were unable to get online, make phone calls or send text messages because of the disruption to mobile and internet services caused by the outage.

Even though Rogers' service was restored "for the vast majority" of customers by the morning of Saturday, July 9, some people were dealing with internet outages for days after.

It was revealed that it will proactively credit all customers who were impacted by the outage and the credit will get "automatically applied" to customers' accounts.

In an update shared with Narcity and posted on social media on Tuesday, July 12, Rogers said, "We have been listening to our customers and Canadians from across the country who have told us how significant the impacts of the outage were for them.

"We know that we need to earn back their trust, and as a first step, we will be crediting our customers with the equivalent of five days service," the company continued.

"We will continue to work around the clock to restore Canadians' confidence in us," Rogers concluded.

According to The Canadian Press, the company had previously committed to crediting people the equivalent of two days worth of service.

Tony Staffieri, president and CEO of Rogers, said it's believed the cause of the outage was a network system failure that happened after a maintenance update and led to routers malfunctioning.

If you're wondering how you'll get the credit, Rogers hasn't publicly shared what exactly will happen.

However, during the last outage in 2021, a credit was automatically applied to the customer's bill the following month that was equivalent to the wireless service fee from the day of the disruption.

For people who had prepaid monthly or annually for service, the reimbursement was an automatic credit based on their service fee.

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    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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