Salt Bae's Nusr-Et Restaurant Was Ranked Among London's Worst & The Reviews Are So Salty

So many people described it as "terrible."

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Salt bae with raw meat. Right: Salt bae doing his famous signature salt move.

Salt bae with raw meat. Right: Salt bae doing his famous signature salt move.

If you were planning on checking out Salt Bae's restaurant Nusr-Et in London any time soon, then we'll save you the trip and the dent in your wallet.

Trip Advisor's "best of" rankings just dropped, and Salt Bae's Nusr-Et London restaurant ranked as one of the worst in the city.

From a list of 17,508 restaurants, Nusr-Et was listed at No. 17,333 on Thursday, meaning it's well below the vast majority of eateries in the city.

The restaurant achieved that score after less than a year of being open, and the reviews have been pretty salty.

From the 152 reviews for the restaurant on Trip Advisor, 77 of them describe it as "terrible," but those weren't even the worst reviews.

One reviewer called it "one of the worst places to eat in the city," and the experience of dining at the restaurant spoiled their weekend because of the "horrible steak, rude service, [and] huge bill."

"After all the hype, I thought I would take my boyfriend there for his 30th. It was the driest, tasteless meat we have ever had," said another review. "The portion sizes were small and the prices disgraceful for such poor quality food. We paid and left and had a better meal from our local kebab shop."


Another person described the meat as "dry, dry, dry" and then added "bland" just to get the point across.

There were plenty more reviews on the same note; the food wasn't good, and the price was not worth it.

Only 46 reviews described the restaurant as "excellent," which isn't even one-third of the total reviews. The restaurant had a 2.5/5 rating as of Thursday.

The reviews shouldn't come as much of a surprise at this point, after London gave Salt Bae a rough welcome last fall.

In October, the London restaurant made headlines after four guests received a whopping £37,000 bill, of which £4,800 was just the tip. That's equivalent to more than CA$60,000.

Their bill shows that they were charged £11 for a Red Bull and £850 for a golden tomahawk steak wrapped in gold leaf.

Locals spent the next several weeks blasting Salt Bae for his gold-leafed steaks, his high-priced menu and just about everything else he did on social media, until he eventually moved on to open a new restaurant somewhere else.

So save your money; according to Trip Advisor reviews, this restaurant isn't worth its salt.

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
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