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A Dinner At Salt Bae's London Restaurant Left 4 Guests With A $60,000 Bill

The tip alone was more than $8,000 according to the viral receipt 😬

A Dinner At Salt Bae's London Restaurant Left 4 Guests With A $60,000 Bill

How much would you pay for "Salt Bae" to sprinkle a bit of magic on your steak? Because it'll cost you at least £630 at his new Nusr-Et restaurant in London, and that's not including booze or a £9 Coke.

A viral receipt from Salt Bae's new steakhouse shows that a table of four paid a whopping £37,000 for their meal, £4,800 tip included.

That's more than CA$60,000, US$50,000 or the median U.K. salary for an entire year.

The bill shows that the table paid about £30,000 for five bottles of wine and £850 for a golden tomahawk steak, which comes wrapped in gold leaf. They also paid £11 for a Red Bull that's probably identical to what you can buy in the store.

Kayser1976 | Reddit

It's unclear who originally posted the receipt on Snapchat but it later surfaced on Reddit and has since gone viral.

And it's only the most eye-popping of several bills that people have shared online, which show people paying four- and five-figure prices for their meals.

Nusr-Et doesn't list the prices on its website but you can see the same prices for certain items on different receipts.

Nusr-Et London is the latest in a chain of super-expensive steakhouses from Nusret Gökçe, a.k.a. the Turkish chef-turned-meme known as Salt Bae.

He's opened restaurants in several countries around the world but Londoners are only just getting a taste of his prices, and they're not impressed.

Other chefs also have the knives out for Salt Bae.

Michelin-star chef Daniel Clifford recently grilled Nusr-Et on a podcast and compared Salt Bae to "Mickey Mouse."

"Do you want a [£630] steak cooked by Mickey Mouse or do you want to come to a two star restaurant where you've got 15 chefs that care about everything that they do?" he said. "There's a big difference, isn't there?"

Not many people could defend a piece of meat that costs more than some people's rent, but one of Salt Bae's employees thinks otherwise.

Nusr-Et's London location manager has finally spoken up about the outrageously priced steaks after news went viral earlier this year that some customers were left with a CA$60,000 dent in their wallet after a night out at the restaurant.

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