Salt Bae Thinks He Sounds 'Like A British' & His Voice Has The Internet Confused

London might be done with Salt Bae, but Salt Bae isn't done with London.

The celebrity chef and man-turned-meme recently talked about his love for the city in a video on Instagram, and the internet was very confused by his voice — and his lips.

The video shows Nusret Gökçe, aka "Salt Bae," describing London as his "big dream" before bragging about his English.

He speaks every word in the video using only one side of his mouth, and he really leans in to the gimmick while showing off his accent.

It's hard to put his mouth movements into words, but it kind of looks like he's trying to bite his own ear. You really have to watch the clip to understand it.

"My English, almost like a British, you know?" he says in the video. "Cheeeeerrsssssss," he adds, drawing the word out.

Salt Bae posted the video over the weekend, although it was probably shot earlier in the month. The Turkish chef left London a week ago and is reportedly preparing to open another restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

His English video has been watched more than 5 million times, and most of the comments are about his strange way of speaking.

"[Why] talk like that," one top comment said. "So cringeeee."

"I hate the way his lips move," another said.

Several people said it's the first time they've ever heard him speak. "Once he opened his mouth, all that magic has gone," one wrote.

"I think [it's] best if he never talks," another user said.

"Open the other side of your mouth," another critic chimed in on Twitter.

Several comments suggest the cause may be a stroke or brain injury, but Salt Bae seems to be doing it deliberately and with emphasis. You can see him talking out of the other corner of his mouth in various videos from the past.

Salt Bae Thinks He Sounds 'Like A British' & His Voice Has The Internet Confused @nusr_et | Instagram

English is not Salt Bae's first language, so you wouldn't expect his accent to be perfect.

As for the reason behind the mouth thing, your guess is as good as ours.

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