Tripadvisor Just Banned Reviews Of Salt Bae's London Restaurant & They've Been So Salty

Nusr-Et is one of the lowest-rated restaurants in all of London 😬😬😬

Tripadvisor Just Banned Reviews of Salt Bae's London Restaurant & They've Been So Salty
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Tripadvisor is pulling Salt Bae off the grill.

The travel site just stepped in to block new reviews for Salt Bae's Nusr-Et London restaurant after users seemingly flooded the page with angry comments about his high-priced food and service.

"We have temporarily suspended publishing new reviews for this listing," a disclaimer reads at the top of the Nusr-Et London page on Tripadvisor.

The site says it's seen a surge in reviews due to recent "media attention," and that many of them "do not describe a first-hand experience."

"If you've had a firsthand experience at this property, please check back soon," the disclaimer reads.

The restaurant had a two-star rating and was ranked 17,302 out of 17,332 restaurants in London on Friday.

Fifty-eight of the 87 verified reviews rated the restaurant as "terrible," with one user calling it an "insult to humanity" and several others complaining about the poor quality of the meat.

"Too much salt," wrote one user with dozens of reviews on their account. They added that they had a great time at Salt Bae's Istanbul restaurant, but were very disappointed by the London location.

"He should close this place before it ruined [sic] his reputation."

"This place is all hype and no substance," wrote another user who also said they enjoyed Nusr-Et in Istanbul. "I dined here with some business associates and felt embarrassed afterwards that I'd chosen such a god awful place to dine in."

There are also 16 five-star reviews on the page, with one user describing the restaurant as a “theatre show.”

“You’re not paying the exclusive prices just for some meat and chips, you’re paying for the attention, the whole show,” the review said.

Tripadvisor removed about 1 million fake reviews last year, and it says that all reviews must be based on first-hand experience.

Salt Bae opened his London restaurant in September and spent about six weeks in the city, during which he saw one bad headline after another.

Several receipts from diners were shared widely online, including one showing a $60,000 bill for a table of four.

Locals also mocked his $1,500 gold-leaf steaks, his $20 mashed potatoes and his struggles to hire staff.

He left London in early November to launch a new restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

"I love London but London loves me more and more you know I know," he wrote in the caption of a video posted to Instagram.

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