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Ex Staff Are Suing Salt Bae's NYC Steakhouse For $1M Over Discrimination Claims

They're not the first salty ex-employees to go after the chef in court.

Ex Staff Are Suing Salt Bae's NYC Steakhouse For $1M Over Discrimination Claims

The knives are out for Salt Bae once again.

Two former employees are suing his Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Manhattan for $500,000 each, after they allegedly faced discrimination for not being Turkish, the New York Post reports.

The two ex-staffers, a waiter and a bartender, claim that Turkish employees were treated better and paid more at the celebrity chef's New York restaurant, according to the lawsuits.

The waiter alleges that Turkish employees were protected even when they were bad at the job. He also claims that he was told to lie about the food being Halal, that tips were divided up in secret and that he was forced to pay out of pocket for mistakes with customers' orders.

The other plaintiff, a waitress, claims that she was told to dress provocatively because she is ethnically Dominican, and that she was fired after she didn't take that advice.

"My wife is Dominican, I know how you are," a manager allegedly told her, according to the lawsuit. She claims he made the comment while telling her to wear a more revealing outfit and heels.

Salt Bae and Nusr-Et have not responded to the lawsuit.

Turkish-born chef Nusr-et Gökçe became a meme superstar back in 2017, and he's spent much of the last four years setting up more than two dozen Salt Bae franchises around the world.

The man is most famous for his salt-sprinkling technique, but he's also become well-known for the eye-popping prices at his restaurants.


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In London, for example, his gold leaf-covered steak costs more than $1,500, while a simple side of mashed potatoes will run you $16.

Several ex-employees have sued Gökçe over the years for alleged sexism and claims that he stole tips and then fired staff for complaining.

Earlier this year, for example, five employees sued his restaurant in New York for allegedly refusing to pay them for working overtime. All five of them were Turkish citizens who allegedly moved to the U.S. after Salt Bae personally asked them to do so.

He ended up settling the tip lawsuit earlier this year.

The chef recently left his newest restaurant in London to set up another in Saudi Arabia.

Not many people could defend a piece of meat that costs more than some people's rent, but one of Salt Bae's employees thinks otherwise.

Nusr-Et's London location manager has finally spoken up about the outrageously priced steaks after news went viral earlier this year that some customers were left with a CA$60,000 dent in their wallet after a night out at the restaurant.

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