Salt Bae Just Left His London Restaurant After 6 Weeks & Many Complaints About His Prices

Is Salt Bae's restaurant still worth its salt if he's not there?

The celebrity chef seasoned his last $1,500 steak at Nusr-Et Steakhouse in London on Sunday, ending a controversial six-week run at the high-priced restaurant.

Nusr-Et will remain open but its namesake, Nusret Gökçe, is reportedly heading to Saudi Arabia to open another restaurant, as he continues to sprinkle his salty franchises around the globe.

The celebrity man-turned-meme announced his departure in an Instagram story over the weekend, leaving his fans and critics with little time to say goodbye.

"Sunday is my last day in Lovely London," he wrote. "I want to see you beautiful people before I go."

He later celebrated the restaurant's launch with a photo of himself and all his staff.

Gökçe opened Nusr-Et London in September and quickly became a target after customers shared their wildly expensive dinner bills on social media. One viral bill topped out at over $60,000 for four people, although most bills have been in the four-figure range.

The bills showed that he was selling gold-leafed steaks for roughly $1,500, although even something as simple as a Coca-Cola would set you back $15.

Michelin-starred chefs grilled the man in interviews and blogs throughout his stay, with one calling him the "Mickey Mouse" of fine dining.

The restaurant also seemed to struggle with hiring staff. No one showed up to a hiring event at Nusr-Et last month, and critics ripped into a recent job posting that paid the same hourly rate as the cost of the mashed potatoes.

Salt Bae kept calm and salted on throughout the controversy, posing for Instagram photos and shooting slow-mo videos on the regular.

He even trolled some of his haters by feeding a squirrel in the park, then giving it a huge bill for the food in an Instagram video.

"He said very expensive," Salt Bae wrote in the caption.

We don't know if he's trained someone else to sprinkle salt off their forearm in his absence... But honestly, how hard could it be?

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