Salt Bae's Restaurant Is Hiring & The Wage Is The Same Price As His Mashed Potatoes

He sells $2K steaks but you'd have to work a long, long time to afford one 😬

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Salt Bae's Restaurant Is Hiring & The Wage Is The Same Price As His Mashed Potatoes

Salt Bae is looking for a line cook at his London restaurant, where the bill at one table could cost more than you'll make all year.

Critics are sizzling mad over the new job posting at Nusr-Et London, which keeps making headlines thanks to its thousand-dollar steaks and its internet-famous chef, Nusret "Salt Bae" Gökçe.

Nusr-Et is looking for a line cook to "support the Head Chef during service," according to the post that went up on this week.

"As a Chef De Partie, you will be working with some of the finest ingredients from the UK and abroad in the one of the most famous steakhouses in the world," it reads.

The job pays £12.00 - £13.50 an hour (or CA$20-$22.70) plus tips, which is apparently well below what you could expect from a top-tier restaurant. That's a "dismal" wage that amounts to a "slap to the face," according to food writer Dennis Lee at The Takeout.

Just for comparison's sake, £12.00 will buy you a bowl of mashed potatoes off the menu. And that's not including the tip.

Oh, and you'll also have to keep a straight face while the boss cuts meat and sprinkles salt every day in front of you.


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A quick spin through shows you can find plenty of better-paying chef de partie jobs beyond Nusr-Et.

Still, Nusr-Et insists in the posting that it's offering a "highly competitive salary and excellent opportunities."

U.K. chefs have been tearing into Salt Bae ever since his London restaurant opened this fall, with one describing him as the "Mickey Mouse" of fine dining.

The restaurant has also struggled to hire staff after nobody showed up to a job fair last month, according to The Sun.

Meanwhile, guests have been sharing their eye-popping dinner receipts, including one bill for four that came to over CA$60,000.

If that's the cash coming in, can you blame people for feeling salty about the money going out?

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